Hiking Trail


Loving walking on the popular Bluebird Trail
Highlights of the Cardinal Trail
Spotlight on Goldfinch
Enjoy Scenic Robin Trail by the babbling brook
Hiking the longest and steepest: Swallow Trail
Enjoy our newest trail, Hummingbird Trail across
 the street from the Montgomery entrance
Cresswind at Lake Lanier Nature Trails 
Open from Dawn to Dusk
Use at your own risk
  1. For safety, do not walk alone, carry your cell phone, and stay on the path. 
  2. NO smoking on trails
  3. Foot traffic only, no motorized vehicles or bicycles.
  4. Wear proper footwear (no sandals). 
  5. Dogs must be on leash to protect wildlife and your pet. 
  6. Walking sticks are available (please return to provided racks). 
  7. Trail conditions vary according to weather conditions. Watch for slippery spots and tripping hazards. 
  8. Be aware of wildlife in the woods and watch your step. Don't bother them and they won't bother you. Remember we are an audubon wildlife refuge. 
  9. Don't pick flowers or remove plants from the woods, leave for all to enjoy. Watch for poison ivy. 
  10. Practice leave no trace...leave only footprints! 
  11. Notify office of problems or hazards
  12. Enjoy your walk on our trails!