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Approved for Sale Signs 
Approved Supplier: SignCo contact Brian at 404-457-3976 or email
Sign Specifications
  1. 24” Vertical x 18” Horizontal
  2. Cresswind logo at top as shown in designated blue
  3. “For Sale” and Listing Agent font and proportionate size as shown in black letters
  4. “Agent Name” and “phone number” as shown in black text
  5. Company logo and phone number interested at bottom in color and font of broker’s specification.
  6. Sign face to be 1” HDU material with white finish on front, back and all edges and secured by white head crews.
Post Specifications
  1. 4”x4” pressure treated wood with top cover as shown
  2. Post and cap to be stained medium brown to match signposts installed by developer.
  3. Post to be installed in post hole with a minimum of 12” and maximum of 18” below grade.
  4. Sign must be installed in platter bed immediately in front of listed property and not in and sodded part of the yard.
  5. No directional signage or information boxes of any kind are permitted on or off listed premises.